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GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR ACCOMMODATION AT THE SHIP The conditions of the accommodation on the ship are part of the contract and are certified by the signature of the contractors.

Prices of the accommodation on the ship
The price of the accommodation on board the ship and the use of all equipment is included on the ship. Port and other fees, and fuel are not included.

Terms of payment
Ships with complete equipment can only be used if the price is paid in full:

50% at the reservation and the remaining 50% 4 (four) weeks prior to the date of commencement of the accommodation on the ship for reservations up to 7 weeks before the date of commencement of the accommodation on the ship, the customer must pay the full amount at once

In case of delay of the second deposit guarantees the Agency's customers the surrender of the vessel at the agreed time and place agreed on not. All bank charges in the payment to the agency by the customer.

In the event that the customer withdraws for any reason from the accommodation on the ship, he can seek prior consultation with the agency, another person who assumes the rights and obligations. Otherwise, the cost of the termination of the reservation will be charged as follows:

    * For cancellation at least two months before the date of commencement of the accommodation on the ship - 30% of the price of accommodation on the ship
    * For cancellation until at least one month before the date of commencement of the accommodation on the ship - 50% of the price of accommodation on the ship
    * For cancellation within one month prior to the date of commencement of the accommodation on the ship - 100% of the total

If the customer withdraws from an objective reason (death in the family, serious injury, war or similar) from the accommodation on the ship, the already paid amount is not refundable, but it is the agency in a ship to a free appointment the same or following season provide. Changes in details of the concluded agreement on accommodation on the ship, which requires the customer to two months before the charter of the vessel will be charged with € 50,00 for administrative costs. Changes in details at the request of customers are no longer possible after the specified date.

Delivery of the ship
The Agency is committed to only fully-equipped ships with full fuel tanks and in good condition to pass, and just as a state is expected in the acquisition of the vessel (with full fuel and water tanks). Otherwise, the price of fuel and the cost of transporting the vessel will be charged to the gas station.

The ship is at the agreed place and at the agreed time (up to 17 clock passed). If the customer does not ship within 48 hours, the agency is entitled by contract to step back and withhold the full payment received by the customer.
If the Agency is not possible to put the ship at the agreed place within 24 hours of the agreed upon time available, or provide a similar or better ships available, the customer has come to the right from the contract, with reimbursement of rent . In this case, the Agency will pay only the amount of the lease of the vessel and there is no possibility of any other compensation.

The customer is required to check in taking the vessel to the condition of the ship and equipment carefully according to the inventory list. Any latent defects to the ship or its equipment, which the Agency in the delivery of the ship could not be known, as well as defects caused by any of the transfer, give the customer not have the right to reduce the price of accommodation on the ship.

The vessel itself the accommodation on the ship in the base (it is must to 8 clock on the day of the process recommended in the evening hours the previous day's return). Exceptions are possible if this is earlier agreed with the Agency. If it is impossible for any reason, shipping, or continue to exceed the return date is inevitable, it must immediately inform the base manager will be informed as to which will give further instructions. For any excess of the return date, the customer bears all costs incurred by the agency.

When the vessel's delivery of customer / skipper is required for a test drive with the authorized representative of the Agency to make on board. If the representative of the agency wins your impression that the head of the ship (customer or skipper), without regard to the possession of the necessary permits, does not have the required knowledge for the control of a vessel shall have the right to the departure of the vessel . prohibit In such cases the Agency will assign the customer a skipper at its own discretion at the expense of the customer.

When the handover of the vessel, the customer deposited a security under the valid price list, which will be fully refunded if the ship intact and at the appointed time brought back. A deposit will be deposited even if you take the boat along with a skipper. The customer bears all costs for lost pieces of equipment, as well as for a loss that has arisen due to poor handling of the ship.
The agency accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Diners and American Express.

The ship has a comprehensive insurance - insurance for damage caused by the influence of third parties and force majeure. The insurance company will estimate the damage in accordance with the previously determined value of the vessel, and the level of risk.
If during the journey to an accident occurs, the customer must inform the charter agency / the Base Manager and the Port Authority immediately, which will give him further instructions. All costs incurred by improper handling or extreme carelessness by the customer. For any damage to the ship and the equipment of the ship, which were committed during the Head of the ship (customer / skipper) was under the influence of alcohol or illicit opiates, the liability of the head of the ship (customer / Skipper).

For larger accidents involved as well as in accidents to which other vessels were, it is reported to need immediately the incident to the Agency, as well as the relevant port authority, and a protocol (the end of the event, investigation of the damage) for the insurance company to create. If the customer does not fulfill all obligations, it can be for the damage charge in full.
The sails are not covered by insurance and the customer bears all costs for damage to them. The customer bears the cost of damage to the engine, caused by the lack of oil. The customer is obliged daily to control the oil in the engine. Personal belongings are not insured and therefore it is recommended that the customer makes it separately in their own country. The ship is insured.

Customer Responsibilities
The customer is obliged in Croatian territorial waters to navigate.
Not allowed are:

    * The ship is under rent or to let third persons
    * The boat at night with uncertain weather
    * The violation of public regulations, decrees and laws.

The number of persons on the ship, the crew list of the match. On the ship must stay for the duration of the accommodation is no higher than this number of passengers on the listing of the occupation was specified. The customer has any change in the list of the crew immediately notify the agency. The customer assumes responsibility for the failure to comply with this Order.

The customer, or the head of the vessel indicated explicitly that it has all the marine skills and that he has the required authorization, for steering a ship on the open sea is necessary, as well as a confirmation of completed examination of Radiophonie which he must submit. If this is not the case, the customer is required to use the services of a professional skipper on the part of the agency.

In case of damage to the yacht or the equipment of the ship, the customer is obligated to the agency immediately at a phone number to the documents of the vessel is attached to inform in order to have information about how to proceed. If the customer does not do this, the Agency accepts no subsequent complaints.

The customer is bound to the relevant bodies and the Agency in case of a disappearance of the ship or the equipment of the ship, in the event that it is impossible to continue the craft, and in case of loss, seizure or as a measure of the ban on shipping by a state to inform the institution or a third person. If the customer does not comply with the above duties, he bears full responsibility towards the Agency for all consequences and vouches for them.

The customer is strictly a diving equipment and pets prohibited to refer to the ship, except as otherwise agreed in writing in advance with the agency.

It shall be an initial only written complaints of customers who were signed by both sides and immediately after the return and delivery of the ship has been sent in the mother's harbor.

Final provisions
All conditions have been unsuccessful and the price list without prior notice.
The first completed payment of the customer to the agency, the customer confirms that he has read the general terms and the remaining documents received by the Agency and these agree.

The parties agree that they will do all possible disputes arising from this contract in agreement and if this is not possible, they hereby agree to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Rovinj.


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